Taking art into the street

Art need to be free and accessible to everyone, just like education and healthcare.

Above: Poster+Map of the street

Art on the Street : Lat Phrao 112 is an art event: public art exhibition and workshop.

One of my goals is to bring art to the general public. I started with Gallery 112, but not many people know about it. People are interested, but were too busy working in their daily life. Too busy and many times too scared to come into an art gallery. So why not bring art into the street, into the store, into a salon, into a restaurant where they're already going. Making art more public!


Open calls for artists were send out. It was opened to all kinds of art forms, no age-limit. I congratulated everyone because every single artist was selected! I didn't dare to be the one to decide which art is worthy and which is not. And it's public art, let's the public decide! The three schools in the neighborhood were in.

We did a small workshop for the artists. Local elders came and speak about the area, what it's used to be and what it is like now. Amateur and professional artists, young and old, from perfromance to painting were inspired to create their art about this place, and its people. Artists were encouraged to make art that can relate to local audiences. When people can relate to art, it is easier, since many people living there have never been to an art gallery in their life. And think that art is difficult, and the only art they enjoy are only landscape painting and Buddha paintings. Many artists themselves were being challenged to work toward the public, rather than themselves. It was an experiment all around. I had never put on an art event. It was tough all around. We need to learn something.

The moment when a student came to ask me what I studied. He wanted to do the same. I smiled, I felt like I did my job.