Bergsjon Audio Tour, 2010, mixed media


Bergsjon Audio Tour is a guided tour in Bergsjon, a suburb district of Goteborg, Sweden, most of the residents are immigrants. Its cultural house has been taken down due to poor condition for more than a year and its remaining was still there surrounded by big ugly fence. I guided the tour to 3 different places in the site in town with my own voice, the exhibition visitors are instructed to do certain tasks in each place.

Visitors are to pick up a tour guide consisting of cd and cd player, then they were instructed to pick up a colorful box, pens, tape and paper provided on the guide table. They would then proceed to a playground area, in the audio I described my personal feelings toward family, especially my mother. Visitors are asked to take their time, and write/draw on a piece of paper, put in a box and leave it at the playground.

The second location was the broken down advertisement board at the tram stop. I explained that this is where people would see first when they come home from work or school. I then asked them to write/draw something about their community or what it might look like, and post it on the board. This broken board is empty with broken wire coming out of it. When people try to post advertisement on it, they're taken away by the tram's workers.

The third location was the ruin of the cultural house which was taken down a year before. I tell them the story and the people who has been working and trying to rebuild it, but with no success. I asked the visitors to reflect their thought and post it on its fence.

Photo documentation:

Photo 1-3: at the playground

Photo below: broken advertisement board

Photo below: At the old cultural house