My Film, 2007, Video/Process, 3 videos total of 10.06 min.


Three participants with no filmmaking experiences directed me in a short movie for their own need. Each was encourage to express freely and to satisfy one main audience himself. It was produced solely for private viewing.

Each has to come up with a script, I assisted with the filmmaking processes, provide them with necessary prop, equipment and guidance.

To see their own film, is to see their own mind.


1. Director: Aek - a college student. Synopsis: A guy with a super power that can kill people by his brainwave goes to kill people who were mean to him.

2. Director: Jim - an automobile journalist. Synopsis: A gay guy who fuck around with different partners find himself struggling between his urge and his value.

3. Director: Bright - a 9 years old boy. Synopsis: After a fight with his mother for disconnecting internet service, she surprises him with a new connection where he can play his game again.