Krua Pa Toi (Auntie Toi's Kitchen)

Performance / Participation art

Small food stall was setup at a local market. Serving Thai food (rice and chicken basil) the artist served food for free to the passer-by. The participants took turns serving food for each other, acting like they were Pa Toi.

"Krua Pa Toi" or auntie Toi was a person that used to lived in the "slum" neighborhood of Lat Phrao 112. She was a mother of 6 children, a housewife and she also sell home made Thai food. As a muslim and a generous person that she was, she often gave food or dessert for free and took care of children living in the area just like her own.

Local children came for food.


Uncle above, he knew auntie Toi as when he was young he used to eat her food. Even though things have

Local residents.