Singing Bergsjon, 2010, mixed media


Singing Bergsjon took place outside, in front of Gallery Bob in Bergsjon, Goteborg. I set up a karaoke machine with a small stage where visitors could take turns to sing a song that reflected their thought about the town or its people. It was set up outside the gallery facing the town and pathway to the tram. For people who may not want to sing, they could request a song on the Request board, and for those who were inspired by the songs, they could write part of a lyric on the Lyric board.



Video documentation


Photo documentation

Below: Saida and Johan who were two of the artists that were exhibiting, tried to break the ice and encouraged other to sing. It wasn't a problem for them that they didn't find a suitable song from the karaoke list.

Below: From the Lyric board.